Affiliate Program

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What's it all about?

The idea is to get more targeted people (ie those interested in translation and related fields) to come to the site. I want you to bring me as many targeted visitors as you possibly can in any way that you can, as long as it is not illegal, against the terms of your ISP, and does not bring into disrepute.

This might involve:

What do I get out of it?

Simple. You get 30% of the value of any sale made to a person you sent to any time up to 90 days after you originally sent them. Additionally, this is a two-tier program. This means that if you introduce other affiliates, you get a 5% share of any sales arising from their referrals. But that's where it stops. This is not a pyramid scheme!
Usenet newsgroups may not be used for building up your second tier membership!

What do I need to qualify?

Unless you have a separate individual agreement for non-web-based promotion (contact me if you want to discuss this) you need to satisfy ALL of the below criteria. You must have:

OK I qualify, what do I have to do?

So How Does it Work?

I have spent a lot of money on the proper software to run this program. It is called "the affiliate program". It uses CGI scripts and cookies. When a user clicks on your banner or link, or enters the site through your unique entry URL, a cookie is written to their browser. This identifies you as the source of this person. The cookie expires after 90 days. Any sales made to this person (excluding special promotions) at within 90 days of your referring them will be eligible for your percentage. To find out more about cookies you can go to our cookies page.

The software also lets you see, at any time, how your banners are performing and how many sales or referrals your site or campaign has generated. It does this automatically with no intervention from me. There is no scope for dishonest behaviour, since you can keep an eye on the situation at all times.

If you choose the web-site route there need not be any selling involved at your end (although if you are willing to put in a little extra effort it can make a really big difference to your earnings!) All you have to do is refer targeted visitors to and collect your payment cheques, which are issued at the end of each month subject to a minimum accumulated value of 20 GBP.

If your site qualifies, or you have a good idea or resources to implement an offline or other kind of promotion, click here to proceed!

If you have a site which does not qualify you can contact me if you want to discuss this. Some sites with lower volumes of traffic, which are very well targeted may still be accepted. One of the sites which has quite a low volume of traffic is very well targeted so it has a very high success rate!

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